A list of all the major characters in these stories.

The years listed are where the stories written will typically take place, though some stories within an era may take place before or after those listed years.

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Stone Era

Olsa Patchfern pixel icon.

Olsa Patchfern
Olsa Patchfern

Matriarch of Falls Valley ▪ She/her ▪ 59 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Imposing ▪ Stubborn ▪ Determined

An experienced but stubborn grumpus who has a strong connection to the Bugsnax. She’s the matriarch of the Falls Valley and is currently the oldest of the four other matriarchs. Was raised to be a devout worshipper Bugsnax, and expects the rest of her subjects to be just as devout to them as well.

Elass Dunecuts pixel icon.

Elass Dunecuts
Elass Dunecuts

Matriarch of The Desert ▪ She/her ▪ 58 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Quiet ▪ Quick-witted ▪ Very blunt

A mellow, secretive grumpus who frequently gets lost in her own thoughts. She’s the matriarch of the Desert, unwillingly. She was one of her previous matriarch’s subordinates, and when she disappeared one night, Elass was put in charge. Even if she didn’t wish to be in this role, she makes an effort to support her people and keep them safe.

Captain Seaside pixel icon.

Captain Seaside
Captain Seaside

(Anthey Crashtooth)

Matriarch of The Coast ▪ She/her ▪ 24 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Confident ▪ Short tempered ▪ Risk taker

A brash, intense grumpus who’s always willing to challenge the norms and set principles of both the island and her superiors. She grew up as a troublesome grumpling who made her way to the top with her strength and wits.

Monohorn pixel icon.


(Lentha Breezeblow)

Matriarch of The Peak ▪ She/her ▪ 46 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Passive ▪ Physically strong ▪ Easily swayed

The very strong but timid matriarch of The Peak. She’s a more passive grumpus who prefers finding quick and easy resolutions to conflicts. But whenever a simple option isn’t available, surely just pushing away and ignoring the problem would solve it, right?

Ehsel Shimmerface pixel icon.

Ehsel Shimmerface
Elass Dunecuts

Monohorn's Second in Command ▪ They/them ▪ 41 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Strict ▪ Stoic ▪ Easily flustered (around Monohorn, specifically)

A straight-forward grumpus who takes their role in The Peak extremely seriously. They work alongside Monohorn; originally as her subordinate, later getting promoted to practically have the same amount of power as she does as matriarch. Their primary job is to make sure everything in The Peak is kept safe and in order. While they do appreciate Monohorn both as a matriarch and a friend, they wished she took her role more seriously.

Alabee Smoothpebble pixel icon.

Alabee Smoothpebble

Falls Valley Grumpus ▪ She/her ▪ 37 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Strict ▪ Passionate ▪ Loyal

A member of one of the Falls Valley communities. She’s skilled in carving stone sculptures and painting. While she’s very distant from other grumpuses within her community, she’s very local to her matriarch, Olsa. Despite not being one of her subordinates (she doesn’t want to be a matriarch)

Denerah Patchcall pixel icon.

Denerah Patchcall

Falls Valley Grumpus ▪ She/they ▪ 19 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Rude ▪ Bad liar ▪ Impulsive

One of Olsa’s daughters and a possible heir. She doesn’t have any interest in ruling the Valley, but feels like she needs to be prepared for the possibility of ruling due to how insistent her mother is about it. She’s very skilled in painting, thanks to the help Alabee has given her. Collecting Bugsnax is also a big interest of hers, she really enjoys finding Snax with unique and strange features.

Tuhonee Crashtooth pixel icon.

Tuhonee Crashtooth

Subordinate of The Coast ▪ He/Him ▪ 22 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Impressionable ▪ Battle Hungry ▪ Justa Goofy Guy

Captain Seaside’s subordinate and younger brother alongside Imony. He is considered the “sweeter” one out of the three siblings, but he likes using his soft exterior to get at others.

Imony Crashtooth pixel icon.

Imony Crashtooth

Subordinate of The Coast ▪ He/Him ▪ 24 Years Old (As of Year 287)

Unnerving ▪ Battle Hungry ▪ Envious

Captain Seaside’s subordinate and twin brother, and Tuhonee’s older brother. He’s a smart, mysterious grumpus. He’s a skilled swimmer, and wishes to swim out into the sea, just to see what’s out there (boats exist, he doesn’t care though).